Comedy Award-winning writer for BBC’s Miranda, Not Going Out, Top Gear, C4’s TFI Friday, R4’s The Now Show & Dead Ringers.

Paul Karensa has named his show Navelless Gazing for a good reason.
He has not got a navel, he lifts his shirt to show us.

What is a fascinating personal story of childhood medical complications, long hospital stays in Londons Great Ormond St hospital a long way from his Cornish home.

Paul Paul Karensa has a talent for relating his personal experience & at times literal toilet humour, with funny anecdotes from the shows he`s written for. His retelling of his visit to Chris Evans house & his toiletry mishap is hilarious.

Navelless Gazing is a laugh out loud, educational, humorous story of how he became to be navelless & how toilet humour is part of his life.




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