The Open Door is the brainchild of Now You Know Productions Artistic Director Anthony Orme. After running the company for 5 years he got persistently tired of spending days and weeks berating reviewers to try and get them in, only to find when they do come they say ‘It was good, but the lead actress should have got her nails done before the show…3 stars’ – True story!

Those reviews help no one, they are un-constructive, hurtful and to be honest, just a way for reviewers to big their own ego and try to make a name…basically nothing helpful to the company. So, we had enough and created The Open Door!Headshot

The Open Door strives to be just that, its a place for new theatre and emerging companies to come for help, advice, and reviews that are unbiased and with no agenda, basically we come wanting you to do well, not to fail!

We are all wolves in this business, so you can either walk alone and risk being attacked, or move as a pack and find strength, we know which we prefer!

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