Scratch Card 2: You Only Scratch Twice

After a resounding full house success from Scratch Card in July, Now You Know Productions are back with Scratch Card 2: You Only Scratch Twice! That’s right, we are on the search for 4 incredible nuggets of theatre, be they play, Musical, spoken word, mime, physical theatre we don’t care…we just want to know…


For Scratch Card 2 we will be back at the amazing Theatre N16 and will be treading the board on Sunday 3rd December where up to 4 companies will have the chance to show their work off to the London public & industry professionals. And you can be part of it.


NONE! The only guideline we have is that it is between 10 – 45 minutes long and has minimal set. That’s it. All submissions will be considered by our team before a decision is made. As we will be in December, extra brownie points for Christmas themes!


v A 10-45min slot at Theatre N16
v A technician and tech rehearsal equal to 3⁄4 length of your piece
v All tickets and marketing is covered by Now You Know (You are welcome to do your own)

v We will provide the show with basic set items, chairs, table, etc, and can assist with thelocating of any specific props and scenery
v Artistic advice and assistance to help with the piece where necessary
v A guaranteed review from The Open Door
v You will also be added into a specific group who will receive first announcement of anyfuture events and opportunities that come up.



Here is the best bit….FREE OF CHARGE. That is right, you will get all of the above for £0.00…you’d be silly not to really right?!



Simple, all you have to do is email with a finished script of the piece you are submitting and answers to the following questions;
1. How many actors are in the piece?
2. Length of the piece?
3. Has the piece been performed before and if so where?
4. Have you had any reviews or feedback on the piece, if so what?




And that’s it! So hurry up and get your submissions in while you can, we can’t wait to see them!



PLEASE NOTE: Although Now You Know can assist with artistic advice and assistance, we will not provide rehearsal rooms or time for the pieces, all shows must be fully created and rehearsed by your company prior to the showing.