A STATE OF MIND – SPUR OF THE MOMENT (Camden Fringe) ★★★★★

Spur of the Moment brings us this moving, enticing verbatim play, A State of Mind. Intensely warming, and funny, the show charts through Billie’s life, her ups and downs alongside her uppers and downers.



Alice Louise-Potter delivers a skilful and engaging performance as Billie, a sixty year old woman, reliving key moments of her life. Louise-Potter never once lost my attention, but had me eating out of her hand. Never heavy-handed, always one beat ahead, Louise-Potter’s raucous laughter and sudden changes of character created a complete and truly relatable performance.



The verbatim element of the piece was enhanced by Louise-Potter’s wearing of headphones which delivered the lines straight to her ears. At key quiet moments, I could just hear the real voice of Billie. It is safe to say that Louise-Potters portrayal seemed to be a fitting homage to the real Billie. The editing of the interview into a monologue has been expertly done. At no point does anything feel ‘extra’ or out of place, rather it flows like the inner monologue of the kind of woman Billie is presented to be.



The lighting and soundscape used in this show really enhanced the sudden, drug-induced changes the character encounters, and perfectly indicates to the audience the effect the drug is having on Billie.



Director Xander Mars has delivered a nuanced and brilliant show. It is relatable, funny and will have you welling up and laughing within the same twenty seconds. Wether you are after a laugh, or are wanting some truly brilliant theatre, this is the play for you.




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