The Washington pub has an impressive doorway to the downstairs performance space for Tinder Rehab. A 12 step self help detoxification and rehabilitation from dating sites and isolation.

Comedian Bentley Browning creates the character Steve Plimpton as warm up man. Guitar in hand Steve Plimpton warms up the sold out venue with witty self penned songs about modern living.

“ Give up on your dreams, stay in your day job.” Steve sardonically sings. A reminder of the negativity of reality talent shows & the experts negative advice. Bentley Browning as Steve Plimpton introduces us to the next comedian, Simon Capes who`s satirical observations on social, political issues are hilarious, while conveying a serious message & questions about modern society & our collective ability to create change positively. Simon’s satirical outlook on life veils a serious social message that is underlying in his comedy. Simon is a confident, competent performer with impeccable comic timing, keeping the audience laughing with his astute observations. Simon skilfully concludes his self penned set with the satirical observation he began his set with, after leading us on a well narrated journey to bring us back to this point. Leaving us pondering a serious underlying social issue and the audience wanting more.

Bentley Browning introduces us to his 12 step rehab, which Bentley describes as part TED talk, Generation Game & Victorian parlour games. This is an interactive show & encourages the audience to participate, slowly warming the audience to the idea through a series of introductions, role play & interactions with each other. Bentley explaining how we create prisons for ourselves through our use of Apps & Internet technology from online dating & our addictions to technology in general to the detriment of social engagement & as the show progresses, the audience interacts with each other as Bentley takes us through his 12 step comedy treatment for love seekers from relationship addiction to awesome discovery, calling at Heartbreak Avenue and Self Help City, encouraging us to support each other, give & receive compliments & create positivity.

Tinder Rehab is an uplifting show, hilariously funny & with a serious message that leaves a positive lasting impression & the secret to being annoyingly happy all the time.




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