Wild Wolfe productions bring to Cecil Sharp house, Mrs Oscar Wilde. Written & performed by Lexi Wolfe, we are given an insight into the character of Constance Lloyd from excerpts of letters written between Constance & her nephew Otho Lloyd.
Lexi Wolfe has created a strong linear narrative of Constances` life, which is engaging, entertaining & informative.



From Constance meeting & falling in love with the charismatic & celebrated literary genius, Oscar Wilde. Entertaining friends who were also celebrated artists, writers, actors, at their house in Tithe St, Chelsea, creating a House Beautiful through their shared taste in aesthetic art.



Constance & Oscar Wilde were involved in the Dress reform movement, a precursor to feminism. Constance researched the Theurgy of The Golden Dawn Occultists, popular at the time, was herself a published writer & there`s suggestions that she may have helped Oscar write “The Selfish Giant.”



After the birth of their second child the couple drift apart as Oscar develops a taste for young men, his disasterous libel trial & subsequent imprisonment. Through all of this, Constance remains in contact giving Oscar the support she can while bringing up their two sons in exile.



The subsequent tragic demise of Constance soon after her husband Oscar Wilde.
Lexi Wolfe has created an engaging, fascinating story & her performance flawless as Constance as she creates a character with subtle mannerisms.
This is a well paced production & expertly written, performed, directed & produced by Lexi Wolfe.





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