BABY – RHIANNON BRACE DANCE (Camden Fringe) ★★★★★

Rhiannon Brace Dance Baby at the Cockpit had an audience of parents, babies & toddlers for this mesmerising, amusing, inspiring piece of dance theatre.

With toe tapping pop as a soundtrack, a screen displaying images as the cast of dancers enthral the audience with their storytelling through dance movement, enthralling the diverse generational audience, mesmerising with storytelling through dance, movement, music, lighting.

Rhiannon Brace has expertly choreographed an amusing, heart-warming story of the intergenerational bonds of relationships formed through pregnancy & the shared elation at birth. The cast of Mary Cox as Nanna, , Jey Jeyakumar as Dad, Grace Kemp as Mum, Marta Polak as Baby, expertly bring these characters to life through choreographed dance movement.

Grace Kemp evokes the emotional rollercoaster of motherhood as Mum through flawless dance. Marta Polak brings some comical moments as baby through dance & movement.

Baby is inspiring, innovative theatre, encouraging & welcoming new parents and babies to engage in theatre. A 30 minute extravaganza, which has the diverse generational audience of babies, parents, grandparents, enthralled.




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