Drunken Lullabies is a one man play produced by Sixpenny Productions, written & performed by Cathal J Ferris, it`s an autobiographical story of his pursuit of finding work as a professional actor.

This is a story of one mans determination to pursue his ambition and the adversity he faces through rejections, decisions, drunken antics, financial difficulties. X factor auditions, finding a charismatic, characterful drama tutor in Belfast who tells Cathal to “Fight the fear and find the fun.”

Eventually finding work in Londons West End theatres, as an usher, gaining contacts and finally securing work as a professional actor on the stages of the cities of Belfast and London and touring. This is not a story of an overnight success but one of determination fuelled by ambition, hard work and is an honest, amusing, emotional story of one man’s struggle in his pursuit of his ambition, often having to return to his home city, seemingly defeated, but his burning ambition is never fully extinguished and the flame keeps burning and Cathal keeps moving forward.
Cathal plays the different characters he encounters bringing them to life and displays his skill with different accents and movement.

Drunken Lullabies works well in Camden Peoples Theatre black box space. It has a strong direction, well paced and the basic lighting is used to good effect with gels & fades to create the feeling of the differing atmospheres of the scenes. Although there may have been a few first night glitches, Cathal used his wit to acknowledge these and raised laughter from the audience with the skill of a seasoned professional.

As he was instructed by his early drama teacher to “Fight the fear and find the fun” Cathal J Ferris does exactly that and gives an outstanding performance with a story that although interspersed with setbacks, is one of determination and inspiration.




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