MARLON DAVIS: IN STITCHES (Camden Fringe) ★★★☆☆

Marlon Davies show is a work in progress he informs the audience at the start of this 60min set. There`s a masochistic bravery in comics trying out new material and The Angel Comedy Club at The Bill Murray has an encouraging audience ,bantering with Marlon Davies as he engages in some audience participation introductions.


As we warm to him, he tells us of his recent accident where, “ a tree hit my car” and he was in a coma for three months.
As a work in progress, it`s about working out what works. Marlon informs us he attended Central St Martins and satirises the absurdity of white middle class lecturers assuming that because he`s a black man, he`s escaping a ghetto and his father is absent. My father was paying my fees but by agreeing with them I got a first.


His comment on Tracey Emins bed being a work of art & comparisons with fly tipping questioning what is art? Also a humorous account of parenting in the 21st century and his account of being priced out of London, where he was born. Marlon Davies makes poignant, humorous social observations with an acerbic wit and challenges stereotyping.
I look forward to seeing Marlon Davies again.





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