Homeless Comforts is an original, dramatic, socially thought provoking two person plays, which covers subjects that are almost taboo and forgotten about in modern society, such as missing people and the causes and plight of homelessness.



Homeless Comforts is written by and starring Paul Bridger as Martin and also stars Elizabeth Cachia as Alana. The atmospheric and dynamically crafted direction is by Al Carretta who also provides the music with guitarist Lak Bangar



The play begins with an audio missing person appeal explaining the lives of two missing people, one of whom is Alana’s brother who has been missing for six years without any contact or information to his whereabouts. The other missing person is on behalf of a wife of a man who has missed two of his daughters three birthdays and has not been seen or heard of in years.



We follow Alana desperately searing the streets and taking pictures, she takes the photo of a sleeping homeless man (Martin). By using the flash on her camera she awakes a sleeping Martin who acts hostile and offensively and unintentionally breaks Alana’s camera in the process, causing her to cut her hand on the glass. Martin immediately tries to help and tends to her found using one of the few clean rags which he possesses.



Martin explains to Alana that he is not a beggar but he is homeless when he is offered money by Alana but refuses to take her charity. Martin plays a song on his guitar which strikes a chord with Alana, he tells her that most people in this life are only one step away from being homeless, that he has witnessed so many people over the years end up on the streets that you would least expect.



Alana later finds Marin after being violently attacked and badly beaten by a group of young men and he explains the dangers of sleeping rough at night and why he tries to sleep during the day.



The Use of music and sound effects, as well as voiceovers, really help to elevate and enrich this socially dramatic play. Paul Bridger gives an excellent uncliched performance as Martin, showing intelligence, sympathy, emotion and at times intensity. Elizabeth Cachia is also excellent and shows so much empathy, kindness, and optimism playing Alana, which can be both challenging and shows courage at times.



Homeless Comforts is a play not to be missed and will hopefully have a longer run in the future.




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