The Parenthicals are an international improvisation ensemble who together create stories from topics thrown at them from the audience. The audience are invited to write down a word or phrase befor the performance commences and we put them into a hat carried around by one of the improvisers as a kind of warm up act, an innovative approach.

The packed Saturday afternoon audience relished the humour and quick wit of the performers, turning seemingly ludicrous storylines into credible narrativites, with skilful talent , and once they have improvised a story they edit down the timescale, doing it again in one minute, then 30 seconds, 10 seconds. Ingeniously, the performers remembering their actions and words in miliseconds and recreating them to hilarious effect.

The improvisors for Saturdays performance were: Guillaume, Nat, Kate,Brendan, Charles, Joe, Sean. Who in my opinion gave a masterclass in improvisation. All working in unison to create one linear storyline that actually makes sense from a seemingly nonsensical array of characters and scenarios.

The Parenthicials gave innovative, hilarious improvisations. I want to see more of The Parenthicals, highly professional innovative improvisors.





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