The journey of a body is a one woman show from Spiral theatre who are a collaborative physical theatre company founded by Alejandra Chacon and Amaia Mugica.

Through physical theatre movement, spoken word, music and animation visuals we are taken back through time and the questions of whether our genes and the experiences of our forefathers and mothers help create and shape the individual we are today or are we part of a bigger picture.

As a species, humans communicate with each other through a series of storylines and this beautiful piece of theatre made me realise the different methods that we communicate and tell stories. How important dance, movement, music is and how they convey emotions which make us the individuals we are.

The music, movement, animation and spoken word all fuse together to create a story that challenges the stereotypes that seem to be enforced upon us by societal rules from birth all dependent on our gender, race, creed and how the human spirit does not quite fit neatly into these labels but is questioning and searching for a truth that is outside of the materialistic world of consumerism and attempting to buy our way to happiness that eludes us.

We are reminded that underneath the physical appearance of gender, race, belief system, we are spiritual beings and as well as being individual, we have a past that may have been determined by the actions of our ancestors, therefore the actions we take as individuals may have consequences, positive or negative on future generations.

Thought provoking through infusing the different art mediums through storytelling.





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