Cut Throat – Trip And Guts Theatre ★★★★☆

Cut Throat by Jean-Philippe Baril Guerard as adapted by Matt Cunningham. – London Irish Centre

Cut throat is Trip and Guts Theatre’s first production. Brought over from Quebeck this very daring piece explores the subject of free speech and what that really means. Just because we have the right to voice our oppinions maybe doesn’t mean that we should.

I thought the simplicity of the play really allowed the audience to focus on what was being said and the message that was being put across. I loved how the speakers were integrated among the audience, it brought the audience into the story and even though people don’t say these things everyone thinks them. Some of the monologues were targeted at audience members sometimes making you uncomfortable which again I think presented the message very well.

The cast all gave brave and assured performances and each character was very well developed to portray their personal fault with free speech.

I thought that could have been slightly shorter and even though each performance was very good there could have been slightly more variety in the style of each scene. It was however very interesting and very enjoyable and this company are one’s to look out for in the future.



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