Force Of Trump – Sami Ibrahim ★★★★★

When a play has you laughing before anyone even opens their mouth, you know you are in for a fun show, and we really were not let down. Force Of Trump was a fantastic piece of theatre, pushing the limits of both satire and fringe theatre to their max to create a hilarious yet poignant view into the eyes of a mad man.

As we entered, Trump, played by Chris Born, was sat joyously on a wheelie chair rocking out, shower style, to power house American tunes, now maybe it’s because I do it myself or because the idea of Trump doing it is delightful, but I was in bits. His mannerisms, his look, his demeanour, it was all Trump to a tee, then came the deciding moment his first line, he did not disappoint. To be blunt, Born was a power house throughout, he not only portrayed a fantastic impression of ‘Donut Rump’ as he is known by his friends, but he really made it his own bringing us into the unbelievable mind of the man.

The piece was littered with close to the bone jokes, satirical puns, fast paced action and my new name for Teresa May, ‘Raisy Baby’ or as Trump rightly pointed out ‘the ghost of Thatcher’. Sami Ibrahim’s writing was sublime; on the grounded Air Force One we watched as Trump attempted to find a way onto British soil after agreeing to the torture of two British Muslim Soldiers. It was witty, well-structured and scarily realistic in the latter of the play, as the last third turned to a chilling realisation of what might happen if the deranged politician succeeds in his mission, the perfect example of satire. If America ever made a version of ‘The Thick of It’…this would be it!

Both Lili Thomas & Phoebe Vigor played their parts amicably Thomas the doting, loyal advisor, who really captured the American fascination of Trump and beautifully portrayed the idea that it’s all just fun and games to them and Vigor did a fantastic job multi-rolling with ease; both her Irish Immigration office who spoke at the speed of light and Mr Vladimir Putin where absolute favourites of mine. And when Trump’s excuse for getting off his plane, was ‘Vladimir Putin told me to’…it was pure comedy gold.

In all, the piece was a massive success, not often do I see a piece of theatre where I have very little to mention in terms of down sides, but this was one of those times. It made me laugh, sure, but not only that, it addressed some really important issues and shone a light on us to prove that okay, right now Trump is the bumbling fool who is making America look like idiots…but what happens the day something he says is right? How many secret Trumpers are hiding in Britain? If Brexit is any example I dread to think. All I can say for sure is as far as I’m concerned, after watching Force Of Trump, Donald Trump can stay as far away from The United Kingdom of England & Wales as possible, but this company can certainly come again. Now excuse me while I tweet about this…




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